The Nakamura Lab at UofA studies quantum effects in solids. Our current focus is on spectroscopic imaging of electronic states in 2D and topological matters. We are also interested in light-matter interaction on the nanoscale, with an eye on possible application in quantum photonic technologies.





8/20/2020 Apoorva Bisht receives Fui T. Chan and Kaiyuan Chen Endowed Research Scholarship. Congratulations Apoorva!!

4/21/2020 Our Paper received “Top Download” in PRB!

4/6/2020  Paper published in Physical Review B.

3/3/2020  Paper published in Nature Communications.

2/2020     Apoorva joined the group. Welcome!!

1/2020     Kyle & Ram joined the group. Welcome!!

12/1/2019  Website created.

9/19/2019  Nakamura Lab started at UofA.